Melinda Josie
August 28th 2009

I've started up a new blog, and decided to use it instead of my news section on this site. So please bookmark it, and I'll keep you posted on upcoming events/news.

In other news, I plan to post images from "Le Géranium" on October 22nd, 2009, which is the day the book goes on sale.

August 12th 2009

I've updated the portfolio section of my website, (as you may have already noticed, because here you are!).
There will be a new section for "Children's Books" shortly, when I'm able to put up the work for "Le Géranium". It should be available to view as of September 1st, 2009.

August 10th 2009

Here are a couple of fun blog posts written by Team Macho for Broken Pencil.

August 3rd 2009

I finished working on the children's book a few days ago and sent the pages off to the designer. I can't wait to see the book come together!
I'm currently beginning to work on new fabrics which I'll be posting in my portfolio and section and Etsy shop shortly.
Happy Long Weekend everyone!

July 23rd 2009

I just got word this morning that some of my work has been featured in online design blog The Design Alphabet!
I'm also finishing up the last few pages for the children's book I've been working on, and as soon as it goes to press I'll post the work in my portfolio section. I'm very excited to see this book come together!

July 7th 2009

I just received an email from Sarah Titanic, author of the weekly NOW Magazine special article, "Studio Visits". She was interviewed by Jen Anisef of Toronto Craft Alert about her studio visits, and mentioned a visit to my studio a couple of months ago.
You can read the interview here, and follow the links to other local artists' interviews as well.
Thank you to both Sarah and Jen for a lovely article. It's well worth the read.
Also, "Like a Bear Knitting" prints are now available at Magic Pony here in Toronto!

July 5th 2009

They've arrived! The silkscreen prints of "Like A Bear Knitting" are here! Studio XIX did a beautiful job printing them. I'm so excited.
I will post photos of them on my Flickr account shortly.
I've been holed up in the studio for weeks now working on this children's book project, which is coming along nicely. When the work is done, I will post each and every last page in my portfolio section. (There will be a lot of new work to see!)
Finally, a Happy Belated Fourth of July to our neighbours to the south!

June 29th 2009

My new print just got featured on one of my favorite art blogs, My Love For You Is A Stampede Of Horses! How exciting! And thank you Katherine, for sending it to me!

June 25th 2009

New "Like A Bear Knitting" prints will be available first thing Monday morning!
To pre-order, please contact me.

June 16th, 2009

My good friend Gary Taxali was in the New York Times yesterday. It's a really interesting article, and causing quite a stir in the industry. Way to go, Gary!

June 3rd 2009

I got featured in BOOOOOOOM!!

May 28th 2009

I'm currently taking on a very exciting project to illustrate a wonderful children's book. I fell in love with the story immediately. It will be published by Montréal-based Marchand de Feuilles. Stay posted for updates!

May 20th 2009

A good friend and one of my favorite ceramic artists, Naomi Aiko Yasui, has a profile online at NOW Daily. You can even watch a video of her using a pottery wheel! Lovely!

May 16th 2009

Happy Long Weekend!
I have a new illustration in the latest issue of Walrus Magazine.
Also, my newest print is also going to print at this very moment and should become available very shortly!

May 4th 2009

I took the new print design in to the printer's this weekend! It will be ready in the next two weeks, and I'll put it on my site when it's available.

April 22nd 2009

I finally gave in. I have a Facebook account.
You can find me HERE.
I'm making a new print! I'm really excited about it. I'll post more details later.
In other news, I'd like to wish my good friend Graham Stephen Applyby-Barr happy returns of the day!

April 14th 2009

An artist profile, written and photographed by Sara Titanic at NOW Magazine, is online at NOW Daily.
And if you're in Toronto this weekend, we're giving a walkthrough of Narwhal this Saturday, April 18th from 3 - 5pm. I hope you can make it!

April 8th 2009

A very good friend, Katherine McFarlane, recently wrote a review for Celery Magazine on the Life Drawing exhibition at Narwhal. Celery Mag has just relaunched their new blog site dedicated to the arts in and around Toronto.
Also coming up next Saturday, April 18th, I will be taking part in a gallery walkthrough. The talk will take place between 3 - 5pm by Lauchie Reid, Michael Comeau and myself. We will tour the gallery, talking about each artist's work and taking questions from visitors. For more information, visit Magic Pony's Events Calendar.
Finally, coming up this weekend I will have an artist profile posted on NOW Magazine's Daily Art section. I'll post a link to it when it becomes available!

March 15th 2009

The opening for "Life Drawing" is drawing nearer, and I'm finishing up the final touches on pieces. The new work will be displayed on my site the day after the show opens, so please stay posted!

The exhibition is to be held at the new Magic Pony Gallery location at 680 Queen Street West, now named Narwal Art Projects.
Congratulations on the beautiful new space, Magic Pony!

I will be sending out an invitation email in the next few days, so to those interested in joining the mailing list, please email me.

February 3rd 2009

"Featuring the works of Ginette Lapalme, Lauchie Reid, Lee Hutzulak, Melinda Josie and Tara Azzopardi. An investigation into the vernacular, the diaristic and the quotidian, rendered through the intimate practice of drawing. Life Drawing will be the grand opening of Magic Pony's new gallery space at 680 Queen St. West."

January 28th 2009

The exhibition mentioned in my previous post, titled "Life Drawing", is scheduled to open March 26th 2009 at Magic Pony , and will feature work from Lauchie Reid, Tara Azzopardi, Ginette Lapalme, Selena Wong, and myself.

January 20th 2009

Coming up shortly:
Please stay posted for updates about my upcoming exhibition at Magic Pony. It is planned for March, and will feature a variety of local female artists.

Happy Inauguration Day, USA!

January 3rd 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

I'm now selling stationery with GoodEGG Shop. Please check it out!

December 1st 2008

I just found something out today.

In Hungary, December 2 is Melinda Day.

That's tomorrow!
Happy Melinda Day.

November 27th 2008

Invitation for Magic Pony's Holiday Exhibition, "Stay Gold".

November 24th 2008

I've had a very exciting weekend!

I received my letterpress cards and they're now available! Please check the portfolio section for more information on purchasing.

I also got a lovely Monday write-up in Art Blog : My Love For You Is A Stampede Of Horses. Thank you, Meighan!

November 16th 2008

I'll be displaying some goodies at the workroom's Christmas Trunk Show, Sunday December 7th, from noon - 5pm. Please stop by and see some wonderful handmade local work!

Also, Lauchie and I have been working hard on our secret project for the Christmas show, Stay Gold, at Magic Pony. The show opens on Thursday December 11th, from 6 - 10pm. I hope to see you there!

November 1st 2008

Congratulations Celine Cheung!
She was the recipient of a copy of Jérôme Lafond's Buffalo.
Thanks to those that wrote me for a copy.

October 30th 2008

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!

Just a quick update today to let you know what fun projects are in the works.
Letterpress cards are being printed as I write. They should be done shortly, (just in time for Christmas!).
Another order of fabric has gone in to be printed and should be in very soon.
Lauchie Reid (of Team Macho) and I are working on a very special project for the upcoming Christmas show at Magic Pony. I'll post pictures when it's done.

October 17th 2008

Fabric samples have arrived! I've posted images of them in the portfolio section, however the designs may still change in the slightest.
Please email me if you're interested in placing a pre-order.

(Please note: Pre-orders may take a few weeks to be printed.)

October 2nd 2008

Kittenwillows is published!
Montréal publishing house Marchand de Feuilles has published an edition of poetry titled Buffalo by Québec poet Jérôme Lafond which includes Kittenwillows on the cover.

If you'd like a free copy, send me an email before November 1. I'll pick someone at random and mail you a copy!

September 23rd 2008

Interview posted on the workroom's blog : make something.
Thank you, Karyn!

September 12th 2008

Fabric designs are in the works!
I'll post them in the portfolio section when they're available for order.
Fabrics will be available in linear yards (36" x 44").

September 8th 2008

Welcome to my new website!
Prints and original artwork are for sale both through the Portfolio section and Magic Pony Gallery, Toronto.
Also, Letterpress Cards in the works.
Please check back in for updates!